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Декабрь 2023
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Новый голавль в Албании

Новый вид в роде голавлей (Squalius), семейство карповых (Cyprinidae), обитающий в притоках реки Drin и озере Skadar, в Албании и Монтенегро, получил название Squalius platyceps.
Признаки вида:

The new taxon is distinguished from other species of the genus Squalius in the eastern Adriatic Sea basin by a combination of the following character states: body depth 24-29% SL; head length 25-30% SL; a wide head (head width 52-59% HL, and interorbital width 37-42% HL); a moderately pointed conical snout; a subterminal mouth, with a projecting upper lip; a straight mouth cleft; lower jaw length (38-43% HL) about equal to caudal peduncle depth and only slightly larger than interorbital width; 43-47 (commonly 44-45) total lateral line scales; commonly 8½ branched anal fin rays; anal fin margin straight (in specimens up to about 180 mm SL) or convex; commonly 43 total vertebrae (24+19 or 25+18); a row of dense black pigment dots along the outer margin of scales on back and flanks forming a regular reticulate pattern, and intense black pigmentation on pectoral, pelvic, anal and caudal fins.

Zupancic, P., Maric, D., Naseka, A.M. и Bogutskaya, N.G. в Zoosystematica Rossica, 19 (1): 154–167.