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8 новых вьюновых сомов в Африке

Zaireichthys wamiensis

Zaireichthys wamiensis

Большое прибавление в семействе амфилиевых (Amphiliidae) или вьюновых сомов. Восемь новых видов получили названия Zaireichthys conspicuus
Zaireichthys kafuensis, Zaireichthys kavangoensis, Zaireichthys kunenensis, Zaireichthys lacustris, Zaireichthys maravensis, Zaireichthys monomotapa
и Zaireichthys pallidus .

Species in the genus Zaireichthys in the amphiliid subfamily Leptoglanidinae characteristically live just above and in fine sand in flowing water. The discovery of a distinct species living in empty Lanistes and Bellamya snail shells in Lake Malawi led to a review of the southern African museum collections of the Zaireichthys, previously lumped together under the name Z. rotundiceps, resulting in several new species being recognised. In this paper, eight new species from southern Africa are described, although recent collections have revealed more new species that require further investigation, particularly in northern parts of the Zambezi system and in eastern Africa. Zaireichthys conspicuus is a robust, boldly marked species from the edge of rapids in the Zambezi system above Victoria Falls. Zaireichthys kafuensis, Z. kavangoensis and Z. kunenensis are species apparently endemic to the rivers after which they are named and live in the more typical sandy habitats. Zaireichthys lacustris is the endemic shell-dwelling species in Lake Malawi, and Z. pallidus is a small, very pale species in the Upper Zambezi system. In rivers flowing into Lake Malawi, Z. maravensis occupies the sandy habitat, while Z. monomotapa is the most widespread of the new species, occurring through the Middle and Lower Zambezi River, east-flowing rivers to the south of the Zambezi, and at least one river flowing into Lake Malawi.

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